Hi! I am Anya and I LOVE coffee! :)


I teach how to make it, create delicious brews, consult and taste.

I live and work in Crimea.


I have also created, perhaps the first of a kind, a unique collection of silver pendants "Brewlik", which consists of seven exquisite jewelry pieces in the form of coffee brewing accessories.


When you love something, interested in something, you want to act, and not be still - sooner or later love, interest and craving for action will lead you to the right place. Sometimes, inspiration flashes before us for years, but we notice it only when the time is right.

My inspiration was trying to catch me for a very long time. But it turned out it was right next to me all along.


Learn to understand yourself, listen to yourself, your dreams, notice all the little things that make you happy. These little things can become your greatest treasure!


Yours faithfully,




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